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Awards and accolades

Awards won by WISE

  • Outstanding Earthern Architecture in Europe Award 2011 - Terra Incognita, Education and Culture DG, EU Culture Programme
  • Regional Architecture Award 2011 - Royal Institute of British Architects Award
  • Dewi-Prys Thomas Prize 2012 - Dewi-Prys Thomas Trust
  • National Building Excellence Awards 2011: Best Technical Innovation - About Local Authority Building Control (LABC)
  • Listed number 1 in the Daily Telegraph's list of "Top 10 Buildings of 2010", calling it " an extremely worthy building but a ravishingly beautiful one too."
  • Listed in the Guardian's 2010 "Top 10" buildings list.
  • "Highly commended" at National Eisteddfod architecture competition.

Awards won for other things

  • Award Winner 2011 - Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy UK for “inspiring a workforce for the future” and CAT’s educational efforts as a whole.
  • Shortlisted for the AJ Small Project Awards - Architect’s Journal for Coed Gwern Bird Hide by CAT Professional Diploma Students.
  • People and Environment Business award 2012,.
  • Accreditation as "Evidence towards achieving CEng (Chartered Engineer -professional qualification)" - Energy Institute .
  • Best conference paper award - Retrofit 2012 Academic Conference, Salford University (2012) for  Rhydwen R. & Wright M. & Miskin N. & Flower A., Butler A. (2012) Dry-lining versus a hemp and lime insulating render for internal thermal renovation of a stone cottage in West Wales, including embodied energy assessment, interstitial wall monitoring, In-situ U-Value and WUFI modelling. .
  • The Zero Carbon Britain project
    • Launched at Westminster Parliament
    • Renewables Campaigner Award - RenewableUK, the UK's leading renewable energy industry trade body in 2012
    • Outstanding Contribution to Public Awareness of Green Energy 2013 - Wales Green Energy Awards, read the blog post here

Membership of Associations

  • UK Association for Science and Discovery Centers
  • The Eco-Attractions Group
  • The Dyfi Biosphere Tourism Association
  • National Science Academy Hub
  • Mid-Wales Tourism