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Consultancy services

With over 40 years of experience, CAT is ideally placed to assist you in your sustainability projects. Our consultants are experienced, completely impartial, and independent. We are not affiliated with any manufacturers or installers, our only interest is to help you find the solutions which are best for you and the environment.

These are the areas in which we currently offer consultancy services:

water sewage consultancy

Water and Sewage Treatment

Please note that we are unable to offer consultancy on water & sewage until November 2018. In the meantime, you can make general enquiries through our free information service.

At CAT we deal with the sewage of tens of thousands of visitors and course participants every year using environmentally friendly sewerage systems. We also source, collect and treat our own water supply. Our experts can offer advice on topics such as composting toilets, reed beds, septic tanks, water conservation, water filters, and rainwater & greywater use. Learn more.

woodland consultancy

Woodland Management

We offer unbiased advice on the sustainable management of woodlands in the UK,for the benefit of wildlife, community and the economy. Our staff have practical and technical experience on all aspects of woodland management. Learn more.

education consultancy school chilren

Education Consultancy

CAT's education team works with educators at all levels. We can produce educational resources for you, or in collaboration with you. Our educators also deliver talks and run workshops on a wide range of topics, such as teaching sustainability, sustainable careers or embedding sustainability in specific areas of the curriculum. Learn more.

Speakers for events

Our consultants and other experts may also be available as paid speakers on various topics. Please contact us with details such as the topic you would like a talk about, the location, and likely date(s).

Free Information Service

CAT's Information Service offers free and independent advice on alternative technology and sustainable living. Bear in mind that this free service cannot provide detailed calculations or assessments for specific situations and will not be able to evaluate blueprints or do site visits.


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If you are interested in our consultancy service and want to discuss what we can do for you then please contact us.