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Funder acknowledgements

Thank you!

CAT is an educational charity, and we could not carry out our mission without help from our wonderful supporters, both individuals and organisations. We’d like to thank the following in particular for their recent support:

For generously funding the role of Graduate School of the Environment Head of School:

The Patsy Wood Trust


Patsy Wood Trust


For grants towards refurbishment of the Eco-cabins:

The Oakdale Trust


Oakdale Trust


The Naturesave Trust


The Hodge Foundation

Hodge Foundation

For grants in support of CAT’s educational work with school and college groups:

The Cobb Charitable Trust – which aims to raise awareness of the care of the earth, with the accompanying need for forward-looking educational initiatives.
The Thomas Howell's Education Fund for North Wales

For helping to fund development of the Quarry Trail:

Natural Resources Wales

Natural Resources Wales Logo Welsh Government


For co-funding CAT’s sustainable woodland management and woodland volunteer project:

Natural Resources Wales

Natural Resources Wales Logo Welsh Government

For funding CAT’s Wildflower Meadow project:

The Postcode Local Trust

The Postcode Local Trust

For supporting the purchase of CAT’s electric truck:

Good Energy

Good Energy Logo

For grants to support CAT’s core work:

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
The Ian Mactaggart Trust
The Ratcliff Foundation

Share Gift

The 1970 Trust
The P&C Hickinbotham Charitable Trust
The St Mary's Charity
The Stonegarth Fund

For grants supporting CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain work:

The Marmot Charitable Trust
Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation
HT & LB Cadbury Charitable Trust

We’d also like to thank:

The thousands of supporters who have donated to CAT’s appeals, helping us improve the site infrastructure, renewable energy installations, displays and associated information, as well as supporting our education and outreach work.
Individual donors to CAT’s “Support a Vol” fund, for helping us offer volunteering opportunities to people of all ages.
A generous individual donor, whose major gift made possible the refurbishment of the cliff railway.
Further generous individuals who have provided substantial contributions to the following projects: installation of the new biomass boilers; CAT student placements; refurbishment work on CAT’s Eco-cabins.