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Long Term Volunteers

Come join us as a long term volunteer, learn some new skills & gain some valuable experience!...

Who can apply to volunteer?: Anyone aged over 18 who is eligible to volunteer in the UK can apply to be an LTV. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to volunteer in the UK, please contact the UK border Agency for more details.

Details of vacancies,the requirements for the role and the application form can be found under 'Volunteering Vacancies' (see right hand menu). Send completed application form to: .


  • How long can I come for? LTVs stay for a period of up to six months - details of placement length given on the volunteering vacancies page.
  • Which departments take LTVs? Various departments welcome LTVs - see under 'Volunteering Vacancies' for more information.

  • Volunteering hours: 35 hours per week. Volunteers have to be flexible about working hours as the Centre is open seven days a week and on all public holidays (except Christmas). There is some variation between departments so check the role description to see what would be expected of you.

  • Funding: LTVs need to be entirely self funding.We do offer accommodation on a first come first serve basis.
  • Food: CAT provides all food and drinks whilst you are staying with us as a Long Term Volunteer. LTV’s prepare their own food in their own kitchen. Travel expenses are available for Day volunteers, living off site, who travel to CAT up to a maximum of £16.50 per week, also as a day volunteer you would be provided with a free lunch each day you work.
  • Accommodation: We offer basic accommodation on a first come first serve basis. Please enquire for more information.

  • Free training courses: 6 month full-time long term volunteers  are welcome to attend a CAT course for free during their stay, (subject to availability). 12 month volunteers can attend two courses. We also run two masters courses and there may be the opportunity to attend some lecturers relevant to your placement and interest each month.
  • CAT membership: As well as valuable hands-on work experience and training, LTV's also benefit from a year’s free subscription to CAT’s membership magazine and discounts for CAT shops.

Taking the next steps...


  • How do I apply? See the 'Volunteering Vacancies' on right hand menu for current available vacancies, role descriptions and placement lengths. Send in a completed application form. Give as much information as possible about why you want to do that particular role and what you can offer. We often get lots of applications and have only limited numbers of places available.
  • What will happen next? All of the applications will be sent to the relevant departments. We would love to take everyone but are limited to one or two volunteers per area so we need to select people for the next stage to come to CAT for a few 'taster' days.  We will be in touch to let you know if you have been successful.
  • What are the taster days and trial weeks? Taster days are to allow  potential volunteers to check out what we do and to see if they would be happy living and working here for up to 6 months and also to allow the department to meet them and find out if they have the relevant skills and will fit in with the team. Taster day Volunteers will be accommodated on site for 2 nights in hostel style shared bedroom accommodation and provided with meals during their stay.

If you would like to discuss it further call 01654 705955