Centre for Alternative Technology

Britain's major centre for environmental inspiration and courses.


Renewable Energy Consultancy

Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer renewable energy consultancy (such as site visits). However, there are various ways we can still help you.


Free Information Service


CAT's Information Service offers free and independent advice on alternative technology and sustainable living. Although we cannot undertake site visits or detailed assessments for specific situations, we can give initial advice on avoiding pitfalls, finding installers and experts, and point you in the direction of useful books, courses and other resources. If you visit CAT, you can find someone on our information desk between 11am and 5pm (or 10am-4pm in winter). It is worth contacting us in advance to check that someone will be at the desk on a particular day.


Short Courses


We run many renewable energy short courses, on a wide range of technologies. The courses are run by specialists, and usually include practical workshops. We also offer courses that give technical qualifications for energy professionals.


Postgraduate Courses


Our Graduate School of the Environment (GSE) offers a range of inspirational postgraduate programmes. Courses are directed by a unique combination of leading professionals, academics and authors. They are based in CAT’s stunning eco-educational facility, the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education. With flexible learning programmes to suit all needs, and teaching that places sustainability at its core.