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Woodland management

Woodland Management Techniques

CAT have approximately 20 acres of woodland under management. This is divided between the main site and quarry, and the woodland across the road, Coed Gwern (Alder wood). The woodlands are quite different in their ages and recent history.

The site at CAT is sloped in the most part. Most of the trees are of a similar age, as many of them were planted at approximately the same time that CAT moved into the old quarry. However, natural regeneration has been prolific since the abandonment of the quarry and so there is some variation in age.

CAT manages the woodland to achieve 3 main goals. To enhance biodiversity, harvest useful products and share knowledge. Our management practices reflect these aims.

For short courses at CAT on Woodland Management see https://courses.cat.org.uk/woodland-and-crafts.

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