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Meet the staff in the CAT Natural Resources Management department.

Current staff

Grace Crabb

Name: Grace Crabb

Job title: Senior Water and Natural Resources Co-ordinator

History: Grace studied an undergraduate degree in Biodiversity Conservation at Kent University. She then gained an MSc in Community Water Supply from Cranfield University. Grace has worked in practical water and land management for 10 years, both in the UK and in the deserts of Spain. She has worked at CAT for the last 5 years and focuses on ecological sanitation and sustainable land management. She has built up a strong knowledge of the natural systems here at CAT and uses them as a tool in teaching. She oversees the 20 acre woodland, maximising biodiversity and product creation. Research areas: struvite (urine based fertiliser), biochar, floating systems for sewage treatment.

Potentially interesting fact: I am learning Welsh as I think it is critical for anyone who chooses to make this country their home.

Louise Smith

Name: Louise Smith

Job title: Woodland and Natural Resources Officer

History: Louise works alongside Grace and Rob in the Biology Department, assisting with the management of the woodland and natural resources at CAT. She obtained OCN qualifications in green woodworking and coppicing at Coppicewood College, followed by six months as a long term volunteer at CAT in the Natural Resources (Biology) Dept which led to her current job here.  She has recently studied for a qualification in Sustainable Woodland Management and is working towards a Certificate of Higher Education in Field Ecology at Aberystwyth University’s Lifelong Learning programme.

“I like the idea of keeping traditional woodland skills and crafts alive, whilst simultaneously appreciating new sustainable methods and ideas. By looking after our woods and forests properly we not only benefit ecologically, with more species and better biodiversity, but we also improve the quality of wood and timber we grow.”


Rob Goodsell

Name: Rob Goodsell

Job title: Water and Natural Resources Technician

History: I came to CAT as an Education long term volunteer and have worked in the Fundraising, Visitor Centre, Site Maintenance, Buildings and now the Natural Resources departments. My jobs here have become increasingly wetter but that's OK because the variety and interest warms me from inside.

Potentially interesting fact: I had an exceedlingly long umbilical cord.


Bob Shaw

Name: Bob Shaw

Bob is the main tutor on our woodland courses. He has been working in woodlands for over 40 years and is an expert in woodland management.