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The Dyfi Biosphere

The area around the river Dyfi is a special place to live, work and to visit - special for its people, its culture and its outstanding environment.

It hosts some of the finest examples of special landscapes and wildlife areas in Europe. And in addition it has a community that cares about, and for, this special place.

The lower Dyfi Valley was first designated a Biosphere in the 1970s, but rule changes in the 1990s meant sites had to reapply under new criteria. After extensive local consultation, the Dyfi Biosphere Partnership asked UNESCO to re-register a much bigger area.

Jane Davidson, Minister for the Environment, Sustainability & Housing, announced UNESCO’s agreement in June 2009.

The Dyfi Biosphere is part of a network of sites throughout the world where information and experiences can be shared and new ideas explored.

For information on the Dyfi Biosphere visit their website: http://www.dyfibiosphere.org.uk/